Corona virus recession: how will it differ from previous economic crisis?

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In the midst of all the questions you are asking yourself, the aim of our HEC Paris Professors during these webinars, delivered in English or French, is to try to give you some keys to build the world of tomorrow and meet the new challenges that lie ahead.

About the Webinar : 

The purpose of the webinar is to discuss :

  • How the current supply and demand shock affects the French and global economy
  • How the recession is different from past - Why standard responses (monetary and fiscal policy) may be inadequate and new uncharted measures are needed
  • What may be the policy aftermath


Tomasz K. Michalski,
Associate Professor HEC Paris

Tomasz Michalski is an Associate Professor of Economics at the HEC Paris business school.

His research focuses on international economics and contract theory. Tomasz is particularly interested in the effect of different barriers hindering international exchange. He has worked on various topics such as financial intermediation in international trade, industry location patterns, consequences of international portfolio allocation under risk and ambiguity or exchange rate determination. His research was published in journals such as Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, the Review of Financial Studies.

At HEC Paris, Tomasz teaches courses in Macroeconomics and International Economics in the Grande Ecole and various Master programs. In the past, he also taught courses in Microeconomics and Offshoring.


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