Investment Promotion Agency Qatar

The Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar (IPAQ) was launched in July 2019 to smooth the way for investors’ journey to business success in Qatar, while transforming one of the world’s richest economies.

To this end, the Agency acts as a single gateway to all investment solutions in Qatar, with a focus on advancing ambitious investors’ goals and accelerating their growth, in line with the nation’s FDI roadmap and economic development goals across sectors and industries. While opening the door to opportunities in all fields and disciplines, IPAQ  actively  pursues targeted, sector-specific investment promotion agendas.

Beyond connecting investors to the right people, resources and platforms, the Investment Promotion Agency continues to make headway in realizing this shared goal of progress by coordinating investment promotion and marketing activities with key stakeholders, while also developing policy advisories. In tandem, Foreign investment in Qatar continues on an upward trajectory, and the Agency is expected to further contribute to the nation’s growing success in that respect.

IPAQ recently joined the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), an international non-governmental organisation that provides opportunities for investment promotion agencies worldwide to network and exchange best practices. This is expected to advance our methodologies and business development opportunities even further.

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