THE WORLD AT HOME, KEYS - a Webinar Series by IPSOS


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Jennifer Hubber
Head of Global Client Organisation, Ipsos

Simon Atkinson
Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Supriya Chabria
Global Lead, Digital Innovation, Ipsos

Matt Carmichael
Vice President, Editorial Strategy, Ipsos in North America

Nabanita Mukherjee
Service Line Leader, Qualitative, Ipsos GCC

On the agenda:

  • The New Routines? We examine the current mood as people around the world continue to adapt to new pressures and different circumstances.
  • Buying from Home: New ways of acquiring products such as subscriptions have surged as eCommerce has expanded. Which will continue to be part of our lives? We consider the evidence.
  • Entertainment at Home: What’s happening to how we relax and spend our free time? We’ve been reflecting on the lessons learned from a year of spending extended time on the sofa.
  • MENA at Home: We go on a guided tour to better understand how daily life has been impacted in one of the world’s most dynamic regions: the Middle East and North Africa.

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