Creating Intelligence in the Face of Uncertainty

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The current situation prompts decision-makers to take most of their decisions in the face of increasing uncertainty. Organised by HEC Paris


Join us for a series of free live webinars to help you to understand the impacts of the COVID-19 virus on our way of life and business world.

In the midst of all the questions you are asking yourself, the aim of our HEC Paris Professors during these webinars, delivered in English or French, is to try to give you some keys to build the world of tomorrow and meet the new challenges that lie ahead.


About the Webinar : 

The current situation prompts decision-makers to take most of their decisions in the face of increasing uncertainty. Most managers will react by asking for more facts, more precise data, hoping that more information will enable them to take the “winning” decision.

Unfortunately, gathering precise data is different from creating actual intelligence. First of all, numerical precision can induce a false sense of certainty, which is inherently dangerous in an uncertain world. Secondly, data itself can be interpreted in different ways, and open the road to potential biases.

Last but not least, the goal of decision-makers should not be to overcome uncertainty, but instead to reduce it, and manage it. In this webinar, Professor Anne-Sophie Chaxel will propose ways to turn information into actual intelligence, by reviewing biases that may cloud the interpretation of your data and by proposing ways to anticipate and prepare for multiple futures.


Anne-Sophie CHAXEL,
Associate Professor HEC Paris

Anne-Sophie Chaxel is an Associate Professor of Marketing at HEC Paris. She received her PhD in Marketing from Cornell University’s Behavioral Economics and Decision Research Center founded by Nobel Prize Richard Thaler (https://www.bedrcornell.com/). She also has two Master’s degrees, one in Management from HEC Paris and one in Research Methods from Paris Dauphine University in France.

Prior to joining HEC, she taught at Cornell University, McGill University, and Virginia Tech University, at both undergraduate and graduate levels (MBAs, PhDs). She received a teaching excellence award when teaching the MBA Marketing Management Course at Virginia Tech. At HEC Paris, she teaches in the MBA and Executive MBA programs.


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