After the pandemic: some ideas to manage successfully in the post-virus world!

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We will discuss some likely consequences of the pandemic, and the lessons that managers may extract from them. Organised by HEC Paris


The world has survived many pandemics, and this one will be no exception. However, every pandemic (as well as every major catastrophe or crisis) has left its marks in the social, economic, and political fabric of the world and this one will too. In this online masterclass, we will discuss some likely consequences of the pandemic, and the lessons that managers may extract from them. In particular, we will focus on the business environment and what this may mean for organizations and also on the consequences of these changes on the practice of management.


Dr. Pablo Martin de Holan - Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar

Pablo Martin de Holan is the Dean of HEC Paris in Qatar where he also teaches Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Prior to this, he was the Vice-Dean (Founding) of Academic Affairs at the MBSC College of Business and Entrepreneurship in KAEC, Saudi Arabia, a 350MM US start up school created by EMAAR EKC, MISK, Lokeed Martin and Babson Global. He is also the co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Management Inquiry, a respected peer-reviewed Academic journal created over 25 years ago.

Previously he was the Dean of MBAs (EMLYON France) and he also managed the Global Entrepreneurship Program with Purdue and ZJU (China) and the DBA with Lingnan - Sun Yat Sen University, China, among others. Prior to that he acted as the Vice-President of International Executive Education for EMLYON. From 2006 to 2012 he was the Chairman of the Entrepreneurial Management Department of the IE Business School in charge of all Entrepreneurship professors and programs. 

His research explores the different dimensions of knowledge creation in organizations and the relation between them and sustainable competitive advantage, both in established organizations and in startups. His publications explore the problems that emerge when organizations try to implement their strategic decisions and change processes and the solutions that can be implemented. Before his PhD from McGill University, Pablo earned two Masters from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Simultaneously to his academic career, he has worked as a consultant to several international organizations such as the World Bank (IFC), NGOs (CARE, Intermon - Oxfam) transnational corporations, state owned firms and several privately owned companies in Canada, France, Spain and Latin America. Since the beginning of his career, Pablo has taught in over 30 countries in three different languages (French, English and Spanish).


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