ACOREL Security and people flow management

How will you verify the effectiveness of your physical distancing measures? How will you ensure the safety of people in a place open to the public?

At ACOREL, for 30 years, we have the tools for that. Please have a look at our solutions HERE
With our sensors, distance badges and software, we provide you with accurate information on physical distancing.
It provides not only a real-time alert for on-site operations, but also historical data to prove that you have taken the right measures to comply with barrier gestures.


  • Real-time occupancy
  • Monitoring max total allowed capacity or by zone


Via email and sms

  • If an area is overloaded
  • If physical distancing are not respected


  • Frequentation reports

Queues management

  • Waiting time estimate Ticket offices, kiosks, security entrances...


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