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Online procedure for changing sponsorship

Before you proceed, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs outlines the following conditions and regulations:

Sources:, MADLSA

  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer that would stop the change
  • There should be a notice submitted by the worker 30 days before the contract comes to an end if it is a fixed-term contract
  • If the contract is an open-ended contract, the worker should stay not less than five years in service and notice period would be as follows
    • 30 days, if the duration of service is five years
    • 60 days, if the duration of service is more than five years
  • Target sector (Private Sector)
  • All applications and approvals are subject to all terms and conditions announced by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs
  • If you come across any problems or technical issues, please contact the technical support at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs: 40288888

1. Have the requirements ready

You need to prepare the following documents as per MADSLA.

  • Copy of the work contract with the previous company certified by MADLSA
  • Copy of the computer card of the previous company (in the case of consent)
  • Attach official notification from MADLSA
  • No objection letter from the previous company addressed to the Director of the Department of Labour (in Arabic)
  • Copy of the computer card of the new company

2. Fill-up the Employer Change/Leave Country, Worker Notice E-Service form

Fill-up the "Employer Change / Leave Country, Worker Notice E-Service" form on the MADLSA website.

To log in, fill in the following:

  • QID
  • Mobile number
  • Tick the checkbox for CAPTCHA
  • Enter the OTP code you will receive in your mobile number to access the form.

Fill-up the following information:

  • Worker details: QID, Name, Nationality, Gender, Job Title, Age, Worker Mobile
  • Current employer: Establishment number, Employer Name
  • Request details: Purpose, Attested Contract Copy, Signed copy of notice form

3. MADLSA approval

After submission, you can now wait for the approval from MADLSA.

4. Transfer to the new company

After the approval, the new company will be notified that you can now be transferred under their company sponsorship. The new company can now proceed with the transfer through the Ministry of Interior's E-services or Metrash2 app and pay the corresponding transfer fees set by the Ministry of Interior.

Note: If you are under family sponsorship, you need to process your sponsorship transfer through the Immigration.


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