Not possible to replace Russian gas supplies to Europe overnight: Al Kaabi

The Peninsula, 27/03/2022

Doha: Minister of State for Energy Affairs H E Eng. Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi said yesterday that it is not possible to replace the Russian gas supplies overnight and it would need time.  

“Immediately I don’t think we can help and nobody can replace (Russia gas). The volume that we are talking about 30-40 percent of gas coming from Russia to Europe is not something that can be replaced overnight, it needs time,” said Minister Al Kaabi, during a panel discussion titled ‘Energy Transition and Security: Meeting Demand in a Volatile World’ held yesterday under Doha Forum.

He added that agreement to supply Europe with an additional 15 billion cubic meters require many players.
“15 billion cubic meters is a large number and to accomplish that you need many players around the world. Qatar is one of the major suppliers of LNG to the world. We have been working on bringing more volume into Europe whether it is the terminal capacity in addition to announcing that we are going to go from 77mtpa  to 126 mtpa from Qatar in addition to a project that we are working on from the US which will bring 60 million tones destined for Europe because that is the destination that we intended it for that will be online by 2024- 2025. So a lot of volume will be coming but 15 billion cubic meters need many more players to be part of that,” he added.





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