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Net zero by 2050 together with society: TotalEnergies Ambition

The Peninsula, 24/04/2022

In 2021, Total became TotalEnergies with the ambition to become a major player in the energy transition, engaged towards getting to net-zero by 2050, together with society. 

These efforts stem from a deeply held conviction that everyone on the planet has the right to have access to reliable, clean and affordable energy. 

Therefore, TotalEnergies is transforming to provide tangible, sustainable solutions to the 21st century dual challenge:  producing more energy with less emissions.

At the same time, thriving in the energy transition will require joint efforts and commitments from all parts of the society: companies, government, and consumers. 

Since 2016, TotalEnergies is a member of the UN Global Compact supporting the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). SDGs define a framework for addressing the global issues for the years until 2030. 

Since then, TotalEnergies has placed sustainable development in all its dimensions at the heart of its strategy, projects and operations. Therefore, all its projects, plans and initiatives are looked at under an SDGs screen at all levels of the Company. 

Our commitment to the SDGs is articulated around four dimensions that are Climate and Sustainable Energy, People’s Well-Being, Care for the Environment and Creating Shared Value. The aim is to create positive change for our communities and stakeholders.




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