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Lifecare International specializes in employee benefits and turnkey insurance solutions, with expertise in medical insurance for corporates, SMEs, and individuals. Established over 25 years ago we continue to serve a very simple purpose: to help everyone protect and care for those that matter most.


We understand that access to good, comprehensive insurance brings an immense amount of comfort during times of crisis. We also recognize that sometimes the insurance coverage isn’t enough, and a little extra assistance is needed.


So, what is it that we do?


  • At Lifecare, we design and tailor a unique health insurance scheme to suit your organizational and financial needs.
  • We create and include a wellness & wellbeing plan with an events calendar for your workforce from our range of over 20 different allied wellness partners. You get access to talks, webinars, emotional & mental support, all forms of counselling, nutrition planning and much, much more.
  • Our extensive experience in the medical field helps us understand where the major health & claims issues are, and we perform claims analytics and assessments for you. 
  • We then implement impactful cost containment measures and controls which work to reduce unnecessary claims and limit your exposure to premium increases year on year.


We can provide a complimentary review of your current insurance policies, with zero-obligation, to ensure you, your family, or your organization are adequately protected.


Reach out to us today for your complimentary review.



Amber Musson-Thorp

General Manager

 +974 7049 2912


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