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Ipsos Update - April 2023

This month’s edition of Ipsos Update puts a spotlight on ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues. We share our latest insights on designing a holistic sustainable pack strategy and demonstrate the value that ESG commitments can create in terms of stronger customer relationships and desired customer behaviour. We also share new research on the power of inclusive representation in advertising as well as the changing attitudes towards gender equality across the globe.

Also featured this month are the 2023 edition of our Global Happiness Survey, new research into consumption behaviours in MENA during Ramadan and analysis exploring how violence has invaded democracy in recent years.

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In this edition:

Mapping the Journey to Sustainable Pack: We share new research on designing a holistic and sustainable pack strategy, taking into account consumer perceptions of packaging materials, the role of sustainability claims, and willingness to pay.


What Worries the World? Inflation worries four in 10 (42%) people across 29 countries and has now been the number 1 concern globally for a full 12 months. Meanwhile, Covid-19 concerns have fallen to the lowest level since it was added to the survey back in April 2020.


Making Belonging Joyful: Virgin Atlantic’s “See the World Differently” wins Ipsos’ Ad of 2022 award, with an effective piece of ESG (environmental, social, governance) advertising.


Embedding ESG in Experience: ESG (environment, social, governance) commitments are not just a necessary cost of doing business, but an opportunity to create value and drive stronger and mutually profitable relationships.


Global Happiness Survey: Happiness is up six points globally since last year. But global averages hide big regional differences, with life satisfaction on the rise in Latin America but dropping in many Western countries.


International Women’s Day 2023: While six in 10 globally agree that gender inequality exists in their country, our 32-country survey finds that half now believe it is coming at the expense of men.

Reflections on Ramadan: We dive into the results of a survey in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt to find out how individuals’ consumption behaviours change during the month of Ramadan.


Violence in Democracy: How has violence invaded democracy in recent decades and what has the role of digital media been? New Ipsos analysis explores these questions and more.




§  AXA Mind Health Report: Why women and young people are more likely to struggle and what companies can do to promote mental wellbeing.

§  KEYS – Why Context Really Matters: The latest episode of our KEYS webinar explores how societal or behavioural factors affect brand choice.

§  Online Conversations About AI: Evolving perceptions and awareness of artificial intelligence.


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