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IPSOS - February update

Welcome to the February 2023 edition of Ipsos Update. Over the last year, inflation has been a topic that has never been far away. This month we revisit global levels of concern about the cost-of-living crisis, explore the impact on luxury brands aiming to deliver aspirational experiences and learn how brands can communicate to consumers successfully in the context of inflation.


We also review the extent to which Gen Z exists in the UK and the factors influencing them, delve into Brazilians’ reactions to the invasion of Congress on 8 January, and look back on recent findings from Ipsos polling around the world.  

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In this edition:

Generation ZWe explore the myths and reality of Gen Z in the UK, based on long-term and high-quality data sources, tracking changing attitudes and values over time.


Keeping the Dream RelevantWhat challenges does the new ‘post-pandemic’ world bring for luxury brands aiming to deliver compelling luxury experiences? We share three insights on how brands can – and should – adapt.


Inside Inflation – What Comms Next? In the second episode of Ipsos’ video series, our experts explore how brands can play offensively during the cost-of-living crisis and how to create additional value for consumers.


The World’s Response to War in Ukraine: As the war in Ukraine nears the one-year mark, eyes remain fixed on the crisis. We examine how much global citizens are willing to trade off to help defend a sovereign country.


Brazilian Invasion of Congress: Brazilians are united in their disapproval of the invasion of government buildings at the beginning of the year (81%), with 47% saying Jair Bolsonaro is fully responsible for what transpired.


What the Future – Play: Perhaps often overlooked, play has far-reaching implications across many sectors from food and beverage, sports, streaming, toys, to retail and more.


What Worries the World? Globally, inflation remains the world’s largest concern. However, worry has remained stable, unchanged from last month. Meanwhile, Covid-19 rises two points, fuelled by a surge of concern in Malaysia.


Ipsos Global Trustworthiness Monitor: Following the COVID-19 pandemic, pharma is the most trustworthy sector, followed by tech and food & drink. Trust across most sectors is on a slow and steady rise over recent years.



  • KEYS – The Year AheadOur latest KEYS webinar shares ideas and perspectives to help us better prepare for whatever lies ahead.
  • Luxury and Convergent Commerce: We share three key findings from a roundtable discussion with experts from across the luxury sector.  
  • Royal Polling: The latest public opinion from Australia, the UK and the US concerning the British royal family.


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