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HBKU’s institute achieves a new landmark with SAQR technology

Qatar Tribune, 07/06/2022

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In a new milestone for its applied research, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), has reached an agreement with Qatar-based deep technology innovator, ADGS Computer Systems, to act as sole distributor of SAQR – an artificial intelligence (AI)-based social media analytics platform developed by QCRI.
Under the agreement, ADGS will acquire, retain, and serve customers for SAQR, both locally and internationally. This will accelerate the commercial availability of SAQR’s powerful tools and capabilities in new global markets.
Developed by a team of researchers and software engineers, SAQR is a platform that supports businesses, government entities, researchers, and non-profit organisations in collecting, analysing, and monitoring social media activity on a large scale. It can not only display high-level statistics about topics of interest, but also uses advanced AI to help users discover trends and understand the demographic breakdown of relevant messages and users.
Leveraging state-of-the-art research from QCRI, the system natively supports searching in Arabic and can even identify Arabic dialects in tweets. Other notable features include grouping users by their stances towards topics, checking for propaganda accounts, and detecting aggressive language in messages.
With its ability to provide real-time alerts about publicly readable messages on platforms such as Twitter, SAQR has already been used by multiple governmental and private entities. Analytics have helped in stance detection on COVID-19 vaccinations and preventive measures, and opinions on new and existing public services.
The new agreement aligns with both QCRI and ADGS’s respective focus on collaboration. At QCRI, innovative, multidisciplinary applied computing research addresses national priorities.



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