French Qatari Medical specialization program - 2021 Call for application

French Embassy in Doha

The program of cooperation between France and Qatar regarding the specialization in France of Qatari physicians is based on the excellence both of the physicians who will be trained and the French training. The added value of the specialization training program in France is based on the fact that physicians work as practitioners in a patient-centred organization while receiving top-level teaching. Qatari doctors are given rights as the French residents and they are expected to have the same obligations, which means that their willingness to commit to the program, according to the French rules, is highly expected. Conditional to their successful completion of the required exams, Qatari doctors will obtain the exact same specialization degree (Diplôme d’Etudes Spécialisées DES) as French residents.

Dentists and other medical professions are not concerned by this call for applications.

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