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Deep Technology Startup ADGS Releases PANDEXIT, a COVID Variant Simulator Awarded by World Innovation Summit for Health

PANDEXIT simulates the spreading of emerging virus variants and discovers the best policies to protect the population and the economy

DOHA, QATAR, January 25, 2021 / --

A first of its kind software to fight the spread and impact of COVID-19, PANDEXIT, has just been released by Qatar-based Deep Technology startup, ADGS. “By simulating as realistically as possible the social interactions in a specific country, PANDEXIT can extrapolate the spreading of emerging biological diseases and thereby provide a powerful predictive tool to combat the current pandemic,” says ADGS CEO, Christophe Billiottet.

"Governments are mostly blind in their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Facing a mutating virus, decision makers quickly establish lockdowns or curfews without a real foresight about their effect on the pandemic : there is an unwitting blindness about if containment rules will be efficient or overkill, about how many ICU will be required, when or how regular hospital operations will be affected etc... Things will even be more confusing when only part of the population will be vaccinated. It is absolutely critical to understand and visualize the impact of these decisions on a population and an economy before it occurs..." says Billiottet.



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