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This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping you better understand the dynamics of today as you prepare for tomorrow.


Our focus is on bringing together new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research.


For this first session of 2021, we will be looking to the medium term and exploring how we can equip ourselves to be one step ahead in our thinking and decision-making.


On the agenda:


  • New Year, New Optimism? The last 12 months will forever be defined by the pandemic: 70% of people around the world say that 2020 was a “bad year” for them and their family. Going into 2021, we are detecting at least some optimism for the year ahead. We examine the current public mood.
  • Shaping the Future: Businesses, government and societies are taking decisions now that will impact on their strategies for 2021-25. But what might 2025 actually look like? Using the “long lens of foresight”, Ipsos’ Trends and Futures experts have been looking at scenarios for the near future.
  • Rural Evolution in India: Five Consumer Truths: With a dynamic population of more than 800 million people, there are huge opportunities to connect with Indian consumers outside the cities. A new Ipsos briefing sets the scene.
  • Artificial Intelligence for new insights: AI may be changing the world, but how is it adding value in our industry? How can we leverage its potential to drive stronger insights, and how does human intelligence fit into in the process?


Jennifer Hubber
Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation

Simon Atkinson
Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Sarah Castell
Head of Futures, Ipsos in the UK

Pallavi Mathur Lal

Senior Client Officer, Ipsos in India

Rich Timpone

Global Head of Data Science and AI, Ipsos



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