ARC Group is one of a Group of Companies under the stewardship of Sheikh Jabor Bin Mansour Bin Jabor Bin Jassim Al Thani. Together with our sister companies we represent 40 businesses across a variety of sectors ensuring ethical and compliant operations in the state of Qatar. ARC Group’s Visa and PRO Outsourcing capability stems from a rich history of establishing businesses for foreign entities, utilization of our own Manpower License and a transparent and compliant approach in engendering strong relationships across the ministry bodies.  Our team of PROs have almost 75 years combined experience of PRO services in Qatar. 


The ARC Group founder and CEO has over a decade of experience in Qatar and perhaps uniquely, over a decade experience of running an International Manpower business in the Middle East allowing an unparalleled understanding of your business needs and client requirements. Our Administration Manager similarly has 10 years of experience in mobilizing personnel on behalf of an International Manpower Business resulting in a seamless offering with little to no requirement for education as to processes and expectations.

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